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Pregnancy So Far- First Trimester

Would I call my first trimester tough? YES!

Being a first time mum-to-be, all these changes are new, and a lot were unexpected. Having spoken to many mums/mums-to-be and questioned their pregnancy, I thought I was slightly prepared. Little did I know, my pregnancy would be the total opposite.

I found out early December that I was pregnant and I was in complete shock. My period was late about two weeks, however at the time my cycle was not so consistent. Regardless, I did a test when I was a week late which came out negative, so I put the lateness down to changes in environment, changes in temperature as I had just come back from holiday. A week later I still had not started, so I decided to do another test which also came out negative, so once again I just reassured myself. As the days went on, I started feeling a little strange and different within. So after work, I decided to go and buy another test, this time not telling anyone (usually I would always do the test at time when my husband was around). I remember whilst I waited for the results to appear, I kept telling myself it would come out negative and I was just overthinking things. As I picked up the test I could not believe what I was seeing, THERE WERE 2 LINES! I was SO shocked and overwhelmed with emotion. I got this sense of responsibility, that I was no longer just looking after myself, but a little being who I had to prioritise, protect and take care of- and that feeling was the greatest and one which I cannot describe.

First trimester at 11 weeks

As soon as I found out, I decided to keep a daily diary mainly for myself to see how these new changes come about and something I could look back on as time goes on. However, it did not last too long roughly about 2 weeks. The tiredness started to kick in and I spent most of my time in bed especially on the days I was off work. I felt physically drained and then as the days went on the nausea also came in. I tried a lot of things to help with my nausea nothing really helped, apart from lemon sherbets.


I first experienced morning sickness around week 6, it started off just once or twice a day and then went to me throwing up on average 6 times a day. Some days, I could not hold anything down including water and was sick throughout the whole day. Days like those, use to really bring me down; the whole experience was just draining and caused me to completely lost my appetite. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and still get sickness, luckily its just once a day when I wake up.


Instead of food cravings, I had a lot of food aversions. I went completely off beef and chicken, certain types of fish and rice. The smell of rice being made would and still does make me throw up. Another problem I created for myself was, if there was something I enjoyed eating or drinking, I would keep on having it until I was bored of it. Now, I have tried to start incorporating meat and chicken back into my diet but at times I still struggle.


Towards the end of my first trimester, I started seeing more visible changes in terms of my body. The first thing I noticed/felt was my jeans felt tighter around my waist and my stomach began to feel a little rounder and harder. Almost as if I was always bloated. I generally felt a lot bigger and I do not know if it was just me being paranoid. When they say your body changes during pregnancy, they were not lying, it really does!

Generally they tend to say you get a pregnancy glow, guess what? I am still waiting for that glow! My skin has become super dry and I now tend to get spots; I have loads of small ones on my forehead and I was someone who would rarely get any spots. Also my hair seem so dry and have fallen out so much, along with a dry scalp. I have started to oil my hair now to see if that helps (fingers crossed).

I would love to know how pregnancy was for you? Or if you are pregnant now, how it is going and what have you been loving? Ive been struggling with loads of things at the moment but thats a whole new post.

As always thank you for reading!

With Love,

Alisha x

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