Monday, 30 July 2018

Motivation Monday

Girl Boss- motivation monday

So the past few weeks have been kind of difficult to say the least, and motivating myself has been challenge. I am struggling between balancing revision for my final exam before I qualify, working full time, planning a wedding and few other issues. As I now get back into the swing of things, I thought I would share with you how I try to motivate myself to achieve my goals. Now, a goal does not have to be something big, it can be as small as a daily task.
  1. PLAN PLAN and PLAN some more!- now I have always been a planner and I love being able to cross things off my to-do list. Theres just a whole different feeling about it!
  2. Sit back and assess the situation- sometimes we are too hard on ourselves to get everything done all at once, but at times all we need to do is sit back and look at what really needs to be done now
  3. Priortise- Recently this has be one of the main things I have learnt to do, you don't need to complete everything on your list at once, as nice as it would be, its important to space out your time and look at what is really important and give that your all
  4. Take regular breaks- I can't stress how important this is!
  5. Do what make you happy- Most important point, and thats why have left it last so it hopefully sticks with you. There are times when we get so drowned and overwhelmed with everything (and thats been me the past few weeks), that I forgot to make time for the things I love doing and since I have started incorporating them back in, I personally have been a lot happier!
What do you do to motivate and succeed? I would love to know!

As always thank you for reading.

Alisha ♡


  1. So motivational! Love it! Hope you had a fab start to the week!

    x Lisa |

  2. Really nice post dear!
    Have a great day!

    La ilusión de Nina -

  3. Great tips! I feel like number 2 spoke to me the most.


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