Saturday, 20 January 2018

What I Currently Love To Wear

Recently the weather has been so unpredictable; there are days where the sun is shining and not as cold, other days when there sun is there but it is still freezing and then days where it is gloomy grey and wet. So recently I have had to change up on my coats/jackets, scarves and general accessories a little more than previous years.

One of my favourite coat/jacket to wear is from Zara, which I picked up in the sale for £49.99! It is a navy military style almost oversized blazer jacket and it is the perfect addition to my wardrobe to smarten up any outfit. I personally believe it makes up my whole outfit and I am so glad I picked it up although initially I went into get a different jacket.  Unfortunately they no longer have this particular one, but they have loads of similar ones.

It is so easy to wear, and almost any scarf I own goes with it, whether its maroon, black, grey or mustard. But one of my favourite scarves to wear is my Gucci Blanket scarf, which I picked up from Bicester Village a week ago as a birthday present to myself for £150- does anyone else do that? I love the colour transitions and how big it is. The two together work so well and I always get compliments when I wear them.

Gucci Blanket scarf

Zara military jacket, Gucci scarf, Primark shoes

Other outfit details:
  • Black Jeans: Topshop
  • Bag: Primark
  • Shoes: Primark
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As always thank you for reading.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Mules Mules Mules

Asos Raid Mules
Having officially completed my degree, gives me all the time in the world to focus on my blog, so from now on it's all regular posts! Although this post is almost a month late (sorry!)

This beautiful pair of mules are from a company called Raid on Asos, unfortunately are no longer available so I cannot link them, but there are similar mules still available and Zara do a lot of pretty mules.

The biggest problem I had with purchasing these was the sizing. I cannot express how much of a struggle it was trying to get the right size. Now with a standard pair of shoes, I normally fit into a size 5-6, however with these, I just don't know what happened! I had to order these three times before I finally got a size that fit, thank you for free returns and Asos premier delivery. 

So let me tell you the story….

I was after a pair of mules, but I wanted something that looked stylish and were different to what is/was currently available from most stores and my favourite type of shoe to wear is a pointy shoe (so these were right up my street!).

I had my eyes on these mules for so long and waited ages for them to come back into stock as they were always out of stock (ok, I lied a few days at most!) but as soon as I realised they were in stock I ordered them, however they only had a few sizes available. I initially wanted a size 6, but with my luck they were not in stock, so I opted for a size 5. When they arrived, I was so excited and again my luck was so bad, that the shoes hardly fitted me, they were tiny! At least a quarter of my foot was sticking out but I loved the way they looked!

So I waited again for them to come back into stock and again my luck was against me with only a few sizes available. I originally wanted a size 8 but was out of stock so went for a 7. The fit was better and I could have probably gotten away with it but I still felt like they felt too small. So I waited again for another restock and finally ordered a size 8, which fits perfectly but now my only issue is I hope the mules don’t make my feet look too big! But regardless, I don’t have it in me to send these back after the amount of time I spent rechecking and reordering on Asos.

Overall, they are not the most comfortable shoe and at times my foot slides out but I love them! I own another pair of shoes from Raid on Asos which was a perfect fit, so I feel like there was an issue with sizing with this particular shoe.
Asos Raid Mules

Asos Raid MulesAsos Raid Mules
If you would like to see a post on how I style them (which I am still experimenting), then leave a comment down below and I’ll put together a mini lookbook of some sort.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post, and a mini story time.

With Love,

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